Working With Events

Creating a New Event

In the Menu bar across the top of your page, select Events > New Event.

  1. Select an Event Type from the drop-down.
  2. Select a Participant Role from the drop-down.
  3. Enter the Event Title.
  4. Enter an Event Summary.
  5. Enter the Complete Description for the event.
  6. Select the Start Date and Time and the End Date and Time.
  7. Enter the Max Number of Participants, if applicable.
  8. To include a map on the event page make sure Include Map to Event Location? is checked.
  9. To make this event available for iCalendar, make sure Public Event? is checked.
  10. When you are ready to post the event to your website, make sure that Is this Event Active? is checked.
  11. By Event Image, you can upload an image for the events page on your Chabad Suite website.
  12. Click the Save button to save the new event.

Configuring Your Event

There are now a series of tabs above the data on your screen: Info and Settings, Event Location, Fees, Online Registration, Schedule Reminders, Tell a Friend and Repeat.

You will fill in the data on each tab, save the tab and click the next tab to enable and configure the next set of options.

Event Location tab:

  1. Choose a Location:
    1. If you have not used this location before, select Create new Location.
    2. If you have used this location before, Use existing Location and select the location from the Use Location drop-down.
  2. Complete the form following the instructions on the page.
  3. Click the Save button.

Fees tab:

  1. Select Yes to enable fees (only if you will be accepting payment for this event).
  2. To accept online payment, select at least one Payment Processor.
  3. Enter the Fee Label, if other than the default.
  4. To accept payment at a later time, check Enable Pay Later option?
  5. If the Pay Later option is enabled, enter the Pay Later Label and the Pay Later Instructions.
  6. Select the Financial Type from the drop-down.
  7. If you have a pre-configured Price Set for this event, select it from the drop-down and skip to step 14.
  8. Enter the fees for this event in under Regular Fees. You can enter up to 10 fee levels.
  9. If you are offering discounts based on registration date check Discounts by Signup Date?
  10. Enter the name for the Discount Set. E.g. Early Bird Registration.
  11. Enter the Start Date and End Date for this discount set.
  12. Click Add Discount Set to Fee Table.
  13. Enter the discount price for each of your fees in the Amount field.
  14. Click the Save button.

Online Registration tab:

  1. Check Allow Online Registration?
  2. Enter the Registration Link Text, if other than the default.
  3. Enter the Registration Start Date and Time and the Registration End Date and Time.
  4. To allow a user to register multiple participants, check Register multiple participants?
  5. To allow a user to register multiple participants using the same email address, check Allow multiple registrations from the same email address?
  6. Enter the time limit (in hours) for completing registration in the Pending participant expiration field.
  7. On the Registration Screen, if you want to collect additional data from your participants you will need to make use of Profiles. If you are unfamiliar with creating a Profile, see Create an Intake Form
  8. Complete the Registration Screen, Confirmation Screen, and Thank–you Screen sections following the instructions on the page.
  9. Select Yes to send a confirmation email to the user.
  10. Complete the Confirmation Email section following the instructions on the page.
  11. Click the Save button.

Schedule Reminders tab:

  1. Check Add Reminder
  2. Enter a Title for the reminder.
  3. Select which participants will be sent a reminder based on registration status.
  4. By When, choose a date for the reminder send out or choose a time bases on an event field.
  5. To record an activity for this email reminder, check the box Record activity for automated email.
  6. You can select to Repeat this reminder and how often and until when the reminder should repeat.
  7. Select a From Name and From Email.
  8. By Limit or Add Recipient, you can limit the reminder by a group or you can select to also include specific contacts.
  9. To make this reminder active check the box next to Scheduled Reminder Active.
  10. Next enter the message the subject and body of the reminder email.
  11. Click the Save button.

Tell a Friend tab:

Tell a Friend functionality offers your participants a way to spread the word about your event to other possible participants.

  1. Check Tell a Friend Enabled?
  2. Enter the Title, if other than the default.
  3. Enter an Introduction, if other than the default.
  4. Enter a Suggested Message, if other than the default.
  5. Enter an Info Page Link for a link to additional information about your organization.
  6. Enter the Thank-you Title, if other than the default.
  7. Enter an Thank-you Message, if other than the default.
  8. Click the Save button.


Repeat tab:

The repeat tab will allow you to easily make multiple copies of an event. This can be useful if you have an event that repeats like a Friday night meal.

  1. By Repeats Every, enter how often the event should be repeated.
  2. By Repeats On, select which days of the week the event should repeat on.
  3. By Start Date, enter the date of the first event in the series. 
  4. By Ends, select how many occurrences the event should repeat for or choose a date for the last event.
  5. You also have the option to Exclude Dates from being repeated.
  6. Click the Save button.

Add an Event to Your Website

Once you have completed all the sections of your event, you are ready to add it to your website.

  1. Go to the Event's Info and Settings page.
  2. By checking the box that says Public Event this event will be displayed on your website's Event's page.
  3. Underneath the box that says Is this Event Active? there is a URL that links to the event form. Use this link on your website or to send to your users.
  4. In order to allow for online registration make sure that on the Online Registration tab, you checked the box next to Allow Online Registration.
  5. Additionally, make sure the Registration End Date is accurate so the online registration doesn't close early preventing users from signing up successfully.