Initial Contribution Configurations

Payment processors

Chabad Suite provides you with the ability to take payments online on your website. You can take payments for a variety of reasons including fundraising campaigns, membership dues, and event attendance.

To start taking payments online you need to configure a payment processor which will connect your website to the credit card and banking infrastructure that actually processes the payment.

As of now, Chabad Suite only supports integration with, Paypal, and Stripe. 
Integration Instructions: Stripe,, PayPal

Payment Methods

Navigate to Administer > CiviContribute > Payment Methods to edit existing options that can be used for contributions or to add a new option through Add Payment Methods. The common options - credit card, cash, check, debit card, and EFT - are installed by default. For those who use their CRM for bookkeeping, you should get your accountant or bookkeeper to confirm that each payment method is linked to the correct Asset account.

Accepted Credit Cards

Navigate to Administer > CiviContribute > Accepted Credit Cards to edit existing acceptable credit cards or define a new option through Add Accepted Credit Card.