Working with Automated Receipts

Automated Receipts are automatic emails that the CRM sends out when something is completed in the CRM. For example, there is a different receipt for an online contribution (which is a contribution submitted through an online form) and an offline contribution (which is a contribution entered manually into the CRM usually by an admin or staff member).

These email templates can be configured by navigating to Administer > Communications > Message Templates and selecting the System Workflow Messages tab. Here you will see all the automated messages that get sent out from the CRM.

There are many System Workflow Messages that get sent out for different reasons here we will cover Online and Offline Contribution receipts.

Next to the Offline Contribution receipt, you have the option of editing the receipt. If you click the Edit button you will see a box with the words HTML Format above it.

The email that gets sent out for offline contributions is set according to this HTML. If you or someone on staff is familiar with HTML you can change the message or logo on the receipt. 

This can be difficult to configure if you don't have anyone on staff that can navigate the HTML. If this is the case and you still want assistance configuring your Workflow Messages, you can reach out to for general questions. Support can also complete the customization for you, please contact support for pricing.

The Online Receipt can be configured in much the same way. The key difference with the online receipt is that the actual thank-you message on the receipt is pulled from the Thank-You and Receipting Page of whichever Contribution page the contribution came from. This allows you to have different thank you messages sent when the donation is made on different donate forms.

To configure the Thank You message, navigate to Manage Contribution Pages. Then click Configure next to the contribution page you want to edit and select Thank-You and Receipting

From here you can change the Thank You message as well as BCC yourself so that you get notified when a contribution is made.