Why am I getting emails from Stripe about Stripe webhook delivery issues

Q. Why am I getting emails from Stripe with the Subject: Stripe webhook delivery issues for https://mychabadsuiteurl...

A. This email means there are webhooks being sent from Stripe to the CRM which are not going through. This can happen for a few reasons.

  • First, in the email, if there is an even number at the end of the webhook URL then you don't need to worry about it. Every webhook gets created with a Test webhook alongside it, that Test webhook is always an even number, and the Test webhook never goes through. If you wan to stop reveiving these emails you can disable the even numbered webhook
  • Second, if there is an odd number at the end of the webhook URL, you may be getting errors because there are Stripe payments coming in from somewhere outside of the CRM. When a webhook is sent from a payment made outside of the CRM it will not go into the CRM.

As long as, the email does not say that the webhook is being disabled and your recurring payments are coming into the CRM, you can ignore these emails.