Using the Percentage Price Field Extension

To use the Percentage Price Field Extension you will need to contact to enable this extension on your account.

Once the extension has been enabled on your account you can add the Percentage Price Field in a price set. (This feature will only work if you are using a price set on your contribution or event page.)
In your price set add a checkbox field and select the new option named "Field calculates Automatic Additional Percentage."

Selecting this option reveals additional options:

  • Percentage: The actual percentage to be used in calculations, e.g, 3.5.
  • Apply percentage to tax amounts: If checked (the default setting), this will cause percentage calculations to be performed on the total including any added sales tax. If un-checked, percentage calculations will be made on the total exclusive of sales tax. (Most sites don't use sales tax, in which case this setting will be inconsequential.)