Failed and Missing Transaction Report

When people attempt to donate or make a payment on your website, there are times when the transaction fails due to various reasons, such as credit card issues or bank declines. These failures often go unnoticed, but if you were aware of them, you could reach out to the donor or payer and ask them to try again. To address this, Chabad Suite automatically sends out a report that notifies you of all unsuccessful transaction attempts from the preceding day.

This article explains how you'll receive automatic email notifications about any transactional issues from the previous day on your platform. No setup required.

The notification identifies two error types:

  1. Failed Transactions: Credit card transactions that did not process successfully (e.g., due to insufficient funds or bank declines).
  2. Missing Transactions: Expected recurring contributions that were not received.

Action Steps:

  • For Failed Transactions: Confirm if the transaction was retried successfully by checking the contact's CRM profile and in your payment processor portal.
  • Check Transaction Status: Use your payment processor's portal to verify the status of the transactions in question.
  • Manual CRM Updates: If the payment was successfully processed, update or manually create the corresponding CRM record.
  • Contact Donor for Declines: If the payment was declined, contact the donor to arrange an alternative payment method.
  • Handle Other Errors: For errors not covered above or for repeat issues, seek assistance from Chabad Suite Support.