Receipt and Registration Emails

When someone makes a donation, registers for an event, or submits any contribution form, they will receive a personalized receipt for their records. You can customize this receipt with your own logo, organization name, contact information, and your brand color, along with a personalized message to meet any occasion.

This is a sample of the receipt:

To set this up, go to Administer > CiviContribute > Receipt Settings, there you can fill your own information.


Set up different messages

In the top section, you can set different text messages to be used for different purposes.

In the settings page mentioned above, you have the ability to configure two different general receipt messages. One message is designated for tax-deductible transactions, allowing you to express gratitude to the donor for their generosity. The other message is intended for payments that are not tax-deductible, such as payments for services etc., where a simple confirmation of payment receipt is more appropriate in tone. This feature allows you to tailor your communication based on the nature of the transaction, ensuring a clear and suitable message.

To get even more flexibility on the receipt messages, you can set more unique texts for a specific event or a contribution form: 

Event forms: In the event configuration page, go to the Online Registration tab, scroll down to the Confirmation Email section, there you can insert a more personalized message in the “Text” field. This will override the default non-deductible message you set up in the Receipt Settings page.

Contribution forms: In the contribution form configuration page, go to the Receipt tab, enable to send “Email Receipt to Contributor,” there you can insert a more personalized message in the “Receipt Message” field. This will override the default message you set up in the Receipt Settings page.

Important: Please note that all the personalized messages will appear after the first line that reads “Dear {first_name},” this line cannot be modified. Also - you cannot use tokens in the messages.


Tax ID and Tax-deductible language

Note, that for a non-donation transaction, the receipt will not display the Tax-ID number and the line stating "No goods and services were provided."

Canadian sites that are using the CDN extension, should not fill out the Tax-ID field on this page.