My Mailing is not sending, what do i do?

Q: I prepared a mailing and clicked send now and in the 'Scheduled and Sent Mailings' page I still see it as being "scheduled". Why isn't the Mailing going out. 
Q: I scheduled an email to go out at a specific time. That time has passed but the email is still marked as "scheduled" in the 'Scheduled and Sent Mailings' page. 

1) Mass mailings do not go out at the exact time at which you schedule it to go out. 
Every 15 minutes the system checks to see if there any mailings scheduled to go out, and if yes, the system will start sending the emails. 

2) At any point you can start the email sending on your own

  • Navigate to: Administer> system settings > Scheduled Jobs. 
  • Look for the job called 'send scheduled mailings'
  • to the right of it, click the 3 dots > execute now

3) If 15 minutes went by and the email sending didn't start, contact support.