In Chabad Suite

  • Go to Administer > System Settings > Payment Processors and click "Add Payment Processor"
  • From the "Payment Processor Type" drop-down menu, select ""
  • In the Name field, enter the word "Credit Card"
  • Select a financial account  (If you are not using Chabad Suite in your Bookkeeping workflow, any account will work)
  • In the "Processor Details for Live Payments" section, under the "API Login" and the "Payment Key" fields, enter your API Login ID and Transaction Key (Leave the "MD5 Hash" field blank)
  • Click Save.
  • After saving, locate the Payment Processor ID#. There will be two numbers shown on the same row as the payment processor but you will need the regular ID# not the Test ID#. Please take note of the ID# as you will need it later.
  • Note: Do not touch anything under the "Processor Details for Test Payments" section



    • Navigate to Account > Settings > Silent Post URL (within the Transaction Format Settings section).
    • Enter the URL: https://YOURCHABADSUITE.COM/civicrm/payment/ipn/2
      • YOURCHABADSUITE.COM needs to be replaced by the URL you use to access your Chabad Suite account
      • the 2 needs to be replaced with the ID# that you noted in step 6 above.
    • NOTE: If you fail to do this, one-time contributions will succeed normally, and recurring contributions will be processed successfully by, but the contribution status will be stuck at Pending.


    To obtain the API Login ID and Transaction Key:

    • Log into the Merchant Interface at
    • Click Account from the main toolbar.
    • Click Settings in the main left-side menu.
    • Click API Credentials & Keys.
    • Enter your Secret Answer.
    • Select New Transaction Key.
      Note: When obtaining a new Transaction Key, this will disable the old Transaction Key Immediately. 
    • Click Submit to continue. Your new Transaction Key is displayed.

    Locating the Payment Processor ID