Initial Setup


Upon accessing you Chabad Suite account, you should review the following configuration tasks which allow you to customize Chabad Suite your organization.

Chabad Suite Administration

Navigate to Chabad Suite Administration

  • Update your organization's address in the 'Site Information' section.
  • Click on the 'Manage Users' button to add a user login for each member of your staff

Organization Address and Contact Info

Navigate to Administer > Communications > Organization Address and Contact Info

Use this screen to enter identifying information for your organization. The organization name and address are used to identify your organization in Mass mailings when you include the {} and {domain.address} tokens.

You should also enter a valid email address belonging to your organization.

From Email Addresses

Navigate to Administer > Communications > From Email Addresses

Use this screen to add your organization's email addresses. 

The CRM will use the default From address defined here when sending automated emails.

When a user sends an email within the CRM, their primary email address is used as the 'From' email address by default. However, they can also select one of the general email addresses defined here as an alternative.

It is important to enter the email addresses here using the correct format: "Sender's Name in Quotations" <email@inthesebrackets>. 
For example, in our CRM we put: "Chabad Suite" <>