How to use the shabbat times block?

The shabbat candle lighting times can be added as a block to your Chabad Suite site. To do so, hover over between 2 blocks, and from the available blocks select the “candle times” block.

In the configuration section, you’ll need to:

  • Type your location.

  • Choose between the 2 layout options: a simple text, or text with an image. 

  • Click “Save”.

At any point, you can hover on the block and click “Edit” to change the location or to switch the layout.

(Simple text layout)

(Text with image layout)

A few important points:

  • The block will only show times for 1 Shabbat or Yom Tov at the time.

  • If a Yom Tov is coming up this week, only the candle lighting time of the first day will show up. 

  • The block will show Shabbat end time, but not Yom Tov end time.

  • Any city worldwide with a population of 1000+ people should be available as a location.

  • The times are provided by