Eventbrite Sync setup

You can sync participant information from Eventbrite into your CRM. Use the steps below to set it up. 

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  • It's a one-way sync from Eventbrite to the CRM
  • For every event, you need to manually create the event in the CRM plus any participant roles.
  • You will only be able to sync participants that sign up after you do the setup, past participants will not be synced

Setup in Eventbrite:

Setup in the CRM:

  • Navigate to Administer > Civi Event > Eventbrite Integration > Settings
  • Paste the 'Private Token' and Save

For Every Event:

  • Create the Event in the CRM
  • Navigate to Administer > Civi Event > Eventbrite Integration > Events
    • Click on "Add Event" and map Eventbrite event with CRM event
    • Select "Ticket Types" by the event and map Eventbrite ticket types to CiviCRM participant types
    • When they come in, you can map any Eventbrite questions to a CiviCRM custom fields on the contact or the participant

Once that's set up, the extension will sync all tickets from Eventbrite into the CRM:

  • Creating contacts as needed (using the default dedupe rule for dedupe matching)
  • Creating contributions for ticket payments
  • Creating a participant record for each ticket.
    • Multi-ticket orders in EB will appear the same way the CRM would record a multi-participant registration (i.e., the payment is associated with the primary participant, as is each additional participant).

Please note:

When using eventbrite, be mindful of the following:

  • Unsupervised duplicates. The way Eventbrite connects a user with a registration is primarily by email. It can happen that a spouse uses the other spouses' email, which can create confusion of contacts.
  • Multiple participants Registration. If a person is also registered separately, or if any changes need to be made to one person within the reservation, there can be random issues that will affect everyone else.
  • Cancelations: If a person cancels, or if you need to separate a contact from one registration due to errors, the change may trigger an auto email from the CRM letting the contact know that their registration is canceled.