Displaying an event report on CiviCRM 's home dashboard

If you haven't already created any Event Reports, see the following chapter Reports and Analysis for instructions on how to create reports. You must then ensure that the report you want to display is available for the dashboard:

  1. From the navigation menu, click Reports and select the report you wish to display.
  2. In the Report Settings area, check the Available for Dashboard? box.
  3. Click Update Report.

Once the report is available for the dashboard, you can then:

  1. Navigate to Home to view the dashboard.
  2. Click Configure Your Dashboard.
  3. Drag the desired report from the Available Dashlets area into either the Left Column or Right Column of the dashboard area, and click Done.
  4. You should now see your report on your home dashboard. To view the latest updated information for your report as well as any other items you've included on your dashboard, click Refresh Dashboard Data.