Birthdays or Yahrzeits Not Showing Up

Q. Some Hebrew birthdays/Yahrzeits are not showing up, even after waiting for the database to refresh.

A. Within the ChabadSuite system, dates are recorded using the English date. In order to have the correct Hebrew date showing, the English date needs to be set and marked if before/after sunset.

To correct an individual contact, select the contact in question, and under the "Summary" tab navigate to "Extended Date Information." You will need to mark Yes/No by "Birth Date Before Sunset" or "Death Date Before Sunset" in order for the dates to show up. Note, in some cases it can take an hour until the changes show up.

To correct multiple contacts and add Extended Date Information, you can create a profile to update them.

  • Navigate to Administer > Customize Data and Screens > Profiles
  • Add a profile, let's name it "Update Sunset."
  • Add Field, then by "Field Name" select Individual > Birth Date Before Sunset :: Extended Date Information > Save.
  • You can also click "Save and New", then add Individual > Death Date Befor Sunset :: Extended Date Information > Save.
  • Going back to the contacts, search for contacts in question by group or tag.
  • NOTE: Make sure to filter your contacts by "Individual" and not by "Contacts", otherwise organizations (that do not include a gender option) will be included in the search. Profile changes work only if used by one type of contcact, in this case the "Individual."
  • Mass updating via profile currently works for up to 100 contacts at one time.
  • If you have more than 100, scroll down the search resutls, choose "100 Rows per page" then going back up and selecting the checkbox next to "Name." Only 100 will be selected.
  • By the "Actions" dropdown, select "Update Multiple Contacts."
  • Choose the "Update Sunset" profile you previously created.
  • You can change all to Yes/No or quickly change individuals.